This person needs a telling off!

So, i was Delta A330 on line up for runway at KATL and this guy who was behind me the whole time decided to go on the parallel taxiway and cut in front of me. Who do i contact to argue such wrong piloting.

I also have a screen record of it happening and can pull up the replay if needed to a moderator

If this was on training, there nothing anybody can do about it really… Contact @Kzn_Star.

@Kzn_Star is who you’re looking for. They haven’t been seen since April 1, but I suggest sending them a DM, and if needed, get a moderator involved.


It was on expert server :(

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Unfortunately the Expert Server has huge black spots that go un policed. IFATC is just too small an organisation to open up towers across the world.

UNICOM airports are these such black spots and we rely on pilots acting professionally to uphold and maintain the standards expected while holding he privilege of flying on Expert.

We have a growing number of IF users who do not maintain these, and it’s a sad fact that there isn’t really anything that can be done. @Kzn_Star is one of those people, and only education and the odd name and shame could do it.


Sorted via PM. Mods can close