This needs to be said

Hey guys, I would like to address the issue over the “Guess the…” threads. Please don’t hate me or suspend me, I’m just trying to say what needs to be said.

Now, why were the “Guess the…” threads discontinued?

I hate to be blunt, but that’s just not true. Yes, there have been over 70,000 posts, but over 95% of those were people guessing, responses to guesses, and requesting and giving hints. We are VERY FAR from reaching the “maximum number of combinations possible.”

Also, the “Guess the…” threads are very popular. Guess the Airline and Aircraft reached EIGHT parts before it was shut down (far more than any other thread in IFC history), and it was showing NO signs of slowing down. It had an average of 500+ posts PER DAY.

Not only that, we were having a GREAT time and I made several friends through it. I feel as if the moderators were not looking out for the general good of the community on this one (Not intentionally, of course). And while they make IFC a great place, I honestly have not had much fun here since the closing of “Guess the…” threads. After all, that is the point of the community: to enjoy the company of other like minded aviation enthusiasts.

There. I said it.


Hi, and thanks for your topic.

We mentioned multiple reasons why we decided to discontinue the “Guess the…” threads on the IFC and we’ve explained them in the comment that you have linked already.

We are an Infinite Flight Community. This place was built around Infinte Flight and our common passion about this simulator and of course aviation in general. That’s why the #real-world-aviation category was introduced to the IFC at a very early point already. The purpose of this category is to give all of us the opportunity to share and discuss our real-world aviation experiences outside of Infinite Flight. The “Guess The…” topics don’t have that purpose. They don’t share personal real-world aviation experiences, they don’t allow room for any discussions. They were grandfathered in from an earlier time. But at some point things must come to an end. Yes it had 500 replies per day on average. But where does it stop? When is the best time to end something? We decided that it was now.

We are and we were fully aware of the popularity of those topics otherwise they wouldn’t have reached Part 8 of course. But there are more things to the IFC than just Guessing Aircrafts from highly cropped pictures. We have so many things to offer with so many great sub-communities like in Virtual Airlines or in IFATC or in Airport Editing.

Of course we understand that not everyone can agree with that decision, that’s natural. There are things we agree with and things we don’t agree with. But in this situation a decision was made and we won’t be reversing this particular decision to stop all public “Guess The…” topics anytime soon. Never say never, who knows what the future holds. But for now, the decision is final. Nothing stops you to chat with your friends in a messages of course. I can only encourage you to see what else there is on the IFC. I’ve been here for years, same as many others. There are so many cool things to do around here. Give them a chance, it’ll be worth it.

Thanks you very much, stay safe and take care.