THIS NEEDS TO BE ADRESSED Moon disappearing before sunrise/after sunset

Galaxy A71:
Android OS:

Ive been trying for the past hour to get the moon to be visible right when i want it to be in a screenshot. Everytime i put the time just slightly before it becomes light it dissappears… Ive tried setting it to multiple different full moon dates and others but i cant get it to show up to give me those beautiful day moon shots!! Ive also read several support forums on this THAT HAVE NOT BEEN ADDRESSED! Why is there no answer for this??? I see that people have moon rendering problems too… what is going on with this??

Hi there, are you able to link a video of what is happening?

Yeah i can tmrw, also looking in the sky for some reason is very laggy for me, but ill try my best

If this is what OP is talking about I think it is intended game design:

Running a iPad 7th gen on IOS 15

my fault im tired and thats not the main issue my bad ill edit the post. I was trying to get the moon somewhat near the horizon during the day but it kept disappearing at the slightest bit of light, thanks for pointing that out

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