This mid-size GA airport serves a huge purpose

Some of you have probably flown in/out of KTEB (in Infinite Flight), in the New York region located in northeastern New Jersey. At first glance, it just looks like a mid-size GA airport. But in reality it’s much more than that.

Located in the large town of Teterboro, NJ, this airport formed in 1919 is bustling with activity. The airport averages about 419 operations daily, which means about 17 per hour, however this number is usually higher or lower depending on the time of day. You may think why is this so high for a GA airport? Well, that’s because this airport is located very close to Manhattan, about 15 miles away. There are plenty of rich people who live in the city, and Teterboro is just a stone’s throw away for their private jets. Rich people/celebrities/sometimes even politicians use this airport when flying into the New York area. There are also charter airlines, such as (but not limited to) NetJets and XOJet that operate out of the airport. While Teterboro and surrounding/nearby towns are decent sized, most of it’s area is middle class, therefore they go to the nearby Newark Liberty Intl. However, other parts of northeastern NJ nearby are very rich, beautiful towns with sprawling mansions, which means that some people from there likely use Teterboro.

There is currently no airline service to/from TEB.

Teterboro is definitely capable of handling such traffic. The airport has 2 runways, each of which are over 6,000 feet long. The airport even has it’s own Customs and Border Protection facility.

Satellite view of the airport

Airport location, you can see it is fairly close to Manhattan

10 PM
A sample of what traffic could look like at any given moment - yes this is a real screenshot


I’m 2000ft from the edge of RW 6. Constant departures throughout the day. When the Superbowl was at MetLife a few years ago there were dozens of private jets filling the airfield, putting TEB way over capacity and forced it to lift night-ops restriction temporarily.

Sometimes the departures from KTEB come very very close to KEWR’s northern arrivals, it’s pretty crazy. Cool airport, they also have an aviation museum.


Neat little post, not surprised it doesn’t have commercial traffic though, Newark, LaGuardia, and JFK all sandwich it. Nice to have an all GA port though, probably reduces landing fees.

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Landing fee for a CCX is $50-75. FBO’s and hangar space is probably expensive though, a lot of high profile people fly through. KTEB is really just a reliever airport so JFK, EWR, LGA don’t get the private traffic. There is some shuttle service though to different destinations.


I believe aer lingus and Norwegian fly there?

Right, that is what I am saying. All three major NY ports are topped off when it comes to expandability and landing slots. Having an all GA airport, especially in larger cities with many commercial airports is good and reduces on filling up slots at full airports.

None of them do. They both fly to Newark Airport located close by however.

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I think it must have been a rumour, I know both airlines, especially Norwegian, operate out of the quiet airports which only have Norwegian as thier international airline.

Norwegian flies 738’s into Stewart Airport (KSWF) which is 60 miles north of NYC. They also fly 787’s into JFK.


Don’t forget about Republic! (KFRG)


Great post, I always enjoy hearing about history and reasons for different airports. It’s not an airfield that I have flown in/out of on IF so will have to check it out!

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Some nice information given there ;) It’s relevant since it’s in a IF region :)

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It’s the field Sully was originally planning to divert to with his A320 but couldn’t due to insufficient altitude.


For some reason when I first saw the title, I instantly thought of Teterboro!

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I love topics like these, please keep it up :)

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Lol most of those are NetJets planes! Sweet post!

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