This is wrong and it's a problem that needs fixed

I read where people cant dispute being reported but when I get on the app, set up a flightplan, request permission to push twice and after a good while of no response to anyone at all I pushback and get reported for push without permission, I cant sit here and just accept it. This is wrong and I shouldnt be punished for the ATC not doing their job I gave them plenty of time to respond and they didnt respond to anyones requests. To top it off after the report was issued he started answering everyone else’s requests but continued to ignore mine. If anyone should get a report it’s the ATC operator.


What airport were you at and what time? Most likely the frequency was busy and the ground controller had other requests. Never pushback without the controllers permission.

It technically is your problem. If it was at a busy airport, you need to understand that they can’t server you as a priority. It’s as if they paid for First Class so you they can board first, but instead they let you in economy board first.

Check your logbook. It should show the controller there. You can contact on IFC via. PM, or send us a picture and we can find him.


Ok so here’s this

  • This isn’t a #support issue

  • You only need to request pushback once, and don’t spam the frequency. You must be patient

  • The ATC who reported you is a trained IFATC member, they have a reason for what they did

  • Go to your logbook to see who the controller is, contact them directly and they will explain why they reported you

If you don’t know who the controller is, leave the screenshot and a community member will be glad to have them PM you


Just to add to @JeromeJ post, once you have been reported you have been “ghosted” and will invisible to all the other pilots, and ATC. That is why you appeared to be ignored. The good news is that the ghost will last for 7 days, then you can access expert server again.

Take away point is that when it’s busy at an airport only request pushback once, ATC know you are there and issue pushback instructions in order that they received the request.

Good luck!

Ps have a read of this thread, will explain in more details.

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A good while? How long were you waiting? On busy airports, I’ve had to let pilots wait for 2 minutes on their push-back response, which I agree is long, but they were waiting patiently.

And yes, you can be reported for pushing back without permission.


There could be 2 major reasons why you don’t get a response in “a good time”

First of all what is “a good time”? 10 seconds or 2 minutes?

So the major reasons for not getting a reply:

  1. The controller is busy with other traffic and the lowest priority is a pilot that is parked where nothing can happen and that is requesting a pushback.
  2. Connection issues.

And yes you can appeal to a ghost, follow the link that @azeeuwnl has provided.


I’ve found whilst controlling and being controlled, sometimes there is a connection issue. No matter how many times I responded to a pilots request, or vice verse, our communication never reached the other. It was quiet annoying. I had to restart the app a lot while being an ATC because pilots would just stop trying to communicate because they could not get me.

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