This is why you shouldn't go to instagram for too long while flying


Well that’s sad…
but I would recommend using another device


Happens to all of us at some point. 😂

Most of the time, it can wait until after your flight, that’s what I’ve learned. But if you really need to check something on another app, use another device if possible. So it doesn’t happen again, cause I know it’s so frustrating to be disconnected mid-flight.


Yea that’s my first time seeing this


i accidentally disconnected after 13h

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I always use my laptop to visit instagram while flying. This is a known issue sometimes.

I’ve never seen that message before. Usually it takes me back to the menu.


I’ve got it once since I was calling my parents


Social Life is more important than a game. Don’t get to upset about it, happens to the best of us

It’s not an issue. It’s supposed to happen.

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I once left the app in the background for 3 hours and forgot about it. It stayed in the same spot, and when I clicked resume I rejoined the server. ✨ magical ✨

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Oh man. Once I was halfway through a long haul when I paused and slept my phone, drove halfway across BC and when I opened my phone it rejoined the server… Miracle

what is the time limit for this?

Well that sucks.

I think it is 30 seconds until it disconnects you from the server

I’m on two devices and everytime I receive a FaceTime call it pauses. Even if I’m away from the device sometimes I’m lucky it doesn’t quit out but recently it’s been doing it right at 15 second. Previously though it would be running in my back ground for like 3 hours and i don’t know how it would still continue the flight it’s weird 😂

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