This is why I wanna be atc in expert server

Again today I was controlling at training server 1 people dont listin!! So anoying I already did the written test and I had 56% I cant wait for my second chance to do it I really hope I Will make it because people dont listin in TS1 I hate it it is so anoying like people are not patience enough I tell him to hold short 5 times. There was an f16 on 6nm distance I told him to hold short the f16 was at 1 nm and hè is just gonna takeoff I hate it and this is why I cant wait to controll on expert server. I just wanna say that they should make like an other grade system on ts 2 for people who are like in the middLe and still can play with serious people

It’s the training server - nothing can be done at this time.

Just wait until you’re an IFATC.