This is what the A321 would look like with Airbus callouts

Hey guys just wanna show you guys for who’s curious about what the Airbus planes would look or sound like with Airbus callouts (and real cockpit sounds)

here’s the link. (Yes this is my channel subscribe and like if you can) :)


I won’t say anything but not sure if the mods all like that.

Also, is this a feature reauest? If so, I believe you should vote for this:

Oh, and, if you want, you can get IF Assistant which if you get the GPWS sounds, it will give you the A/P disconnect and ‘retard’ sounds. Here’s a link to the thread:


Uhh it’s not a feature request just showcase

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I’ve always wondered why the boys of infinite flight never added the sounds of airships when they have those of height 🤔


What’s the problem with this? You should see the amount of people who post videos and can’t even fly. For the cherry on top, they even blare their annoying like subscribe notification bell blah blah blah nonsense.

This video was actually decent. Nice video @LibyanPilot01, great showcase, would love to see them in IF someday.


Sorry, that’s why I said “not sure”. I would love this feature too! Wasn’t trying to be mean, just thought the post might have been flagged for advertisement so was saying that they might have want to take that bit off. Didn’t realise that wasn’t a problem as I thought advertising and asking people to subscribe was banned. It is a great video! I hope that made sense. My mistake.

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Nice video, I sometimes imagine how different the sim would be if we had Airbus callouts consolideront the popularity of the A320 & A350 series.

Minimodders make me go like: grrrrr 😪


Thank you!

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Yes for sure that would be cool (same 😪🥴)

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This is what IF Assistant is for.

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IF assistant only has the RETARD callouts, otherwise the altimeter(altitude? height?) callouts are the normal type.



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I wish…

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