This is what she was made for right?

Today I decided to go out on solo mode, and do a flight I have done many times, a nice little look in the mountains east of Seattle, starting off in Ranger creek.

Wheels up from Ranger creek!

And coming back down on a small grass strip

Back up, but holy cow, those winds. Pushing me and the X-Cub to the limit

On my way back down, wack sideways on another grass strip

Lifting back out of it over a lake

These views low key need to chill out

One final landing

I think that’s enough for today, you?


Very cool :D

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That’s hot 🥵

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I’m sure those 2 knot crosswinds were tough 😂


Try 12, they were, crosswinds aren’t my specialty, but I’m out there to learn, if everything went well I’m better now than when I started the flight…

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I know, I’ve never flown the X-Cub but I know that it’s highly susceptible to crosswinds so any breeze at all will blow it off course

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Yea, all ads to the fun though, the more difficult, the better… 😉

Boy do I love that plane

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Whoah this is heavy

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That wonderful paint job for the 'Cub as well :-)

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My second favorite XCub livery! Looks really great, love taking this plane around mountains and in the Bush.

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Nice pictures, happy birthday

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Very good! I love the XCub. Happy birthday!!

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Thank you very much @Pinecone, and @anon9524891! 🥳

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Thanks for checking out Seattle. These pretty much are where I go camping!

Lovely shots of the XCubby mate. I always love good little mountainous flight.

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I just realized it’s your birthday, so happy birthday! Have a great day! 🥳🎉

Just realized how small and skinny that runway you landed on is. The numbers don’t fit!

I literally thought this was some kind of story, but still, very cool!