This is what happens when the planes autopilot cant get to 1 point

Basically Im flying a 777-300ER, Turkish airlines and it was kinda late last night, I quickly set up a flight took-off and then I enabled autopilot, pugged in my phone and went to bed. I wake up this morning check my phone and I am like 5 minutes away from the airport I took off from and I’m at a very sharp bank angle, I check my flight time because I’m scared I disconnected for hours but I have 7 hours of flight time. I realize what has happened and check live flight to find this:


This happened to me once, but not as severe as yours! I recommend to double check your flight plan for any one of these, “sharp turns”, and delete them. Sometimes there are in a STAR or SID, but it’s better not having a complete one with no sharp turns. Also, if there is a sharp turn you think you can make, I recommend fly it manually with lower speed.


Worst part was I lost a ton of fuel and I was planning to be flying all night and through school

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All I can recommend on this is to give yourself time to plan your flight to make sure this sort of thing doesn’t happen. Unlucky though!


I used but I guess I was going a bit too fast for the turn, I dont really mind because I still got almost 8 hours of flight time

1 Like can have these issues sometimes too you have to remember. Don’t assume you have a perfect flight plan.


This is definitely a real issue that needs to be fixed. In the real aircraft, I’m pretty sure it would disregard the point and continue onward (at least in the 320neo).

Here is the feature I found:

I’m aware it won’t fix this specifically, but maybe awry the pilot of this impending issue.


I hope it gets kept, actually. It’s good for holding if you don’t wake up on time (or in my case coming home from work late).

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In the real plane the FMC calculates the flight path in a way that it fits. If needed it will turn earlier, or steeper, but you’re right, it wouldn’t turn in circles :)


This is the very reason I’ll manually input autopilot controls or even fly the departure manually. LNAV doesn’t like waypoints that are close together or have a sharp turn involved. I usually look at the DME from the fix or waypoint and start the turn from 2-3 miles out and this usually helps out a lot. Depends on speed of course but with practice you learn to anticipate turns pretty quickly.

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