This is weird

Since 23.3 arrived this has been happening : my game icons have increased and since I have a IPhone 8 it doesn’t fit which is kind of weird . Idk if this is a tech problem which is why I did not put it in support



Do you have screen zoom set to something special?
It’s something you can find under Settings → Display and then “Display zoom” in the bottom on your device.

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Settings of IF or in the Settings app ?

Settings on your iPhone :)

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Oh okay thanks I will finish my flight and check it out

Although something I also noticed is that in the Home Screen of IF when you go choose your aircraft is that that Fly button is hidden by the Restore previous purchases icon

Yeah that would be related.

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Ok thanks @schyllberg

@schyllberg sorry for the bad image quality but as you can see the ok button is still hidden which makes it very tricky to press the ok icon

What zoom level are you using?


I got the same issue, and I guess is depending on display size, it cant fit on a small display. Before 23.3 update it was fine.
Iphone SE…

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Yes the SE we’re aware of and have a plan for.
The 8 however is not that small.

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Thnks for your effort and well support

It’s pretty small if I’m gonna be honest.

I had the 8 up until about 2 weeks ago, and flying on it before the icons increased was pretty tricky just because of how small the screen is. I’d imagine it’s even tougher now as the icons are bigger and don’t fit the screen as @IFlyer pointed out.

(I don’t know how to fix this problem but figured I’d add my two cents on the size of the phone)

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I mean it is still possible to fly just a but more tricky .

I think I put it to the lowest possible (not sure tho 😅 )

Can you grab a screenshot so we can see? Thanks!

Thanks @IFChile-BossCL @Zhopkins @schyllberg I managed to fix the problem


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