This is the second time in 2 days that my game has crashed and I don’t know why

i think there’s something wrong with frankfurt airport for me whenever i land there the game always crashes and kicks me, like yesterday i flew long haul landed and same exact spot on the airport taxing off 7L same exact spot today my game crashed as i landed from KATL
Iphone Xr:

-Kind regards,

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Hello, Mikey! Have you tried doing the following things?

-Lowering your 3D object density

-Lowering your graphics

-Restarting your device before every flight

-Making sure that you have sufficient storage to run Infinite Flight

i’ve restarted my device and I have storage i never reduced graphic settings.

What’s your current graphics settings and 3D object density?

everything is max and 60FPS.

I’d recommend lowering your FPS to 30 as well as lowering your graphics and 3D object density. That should fix it.

Hope this solves it :)

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will do thank you!

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No problem, have a good day!

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