This is the best device to play Infinite Flight ZTE Axon M

I Know how we all want a tablet to play to IF but holding a big 10.5 Tablet when landing can be a bit challenging and exhausting where as our Mobile device well we can’t really do Long flights with because we need em sometime to text or for work. So what you guys think of the ZTE Axon M which is a powerful dual screen phone? 1 screen for IF and 2nd screen mabey watching a movie or using social media.
I’ll leave link below about the phone

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That is one ugly phone. Did you hear all those cons?


True but as device just to play IF i think it might be perfect instead of a Android tablet

Can someone explain why it’s a “half phone half tablet”… I don’t like the edges of the phone in the middle when I’m flying and it will get annoying. However, I do like the amount of memory it can hold

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Would not be surprised that the specs are average. Better get an IPhone 8 Plus. Screen size might not be huge, but atleast spec wise you’re sorted for the coming years.

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Its not about specs to screen size it’s about a dual screen smartphone. I find myself a lot of time flying on my Tablet but at the same time i wanted to watch Netflix or something so mabey a dual screen smartphone one screen you have your normal IF while the other screen you watching Netflix…

I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but the chance of ZTE making a device that isn’t rubbish is in my opinion very low. I’ve been working with them in terms of both consumer electronics (phones, routers) as well as big stuff as cell towers, routers, switches etc… It’s always the same… they break. The only thing they’ve done well is microwave link, but the only reason it’s branded ZTE is a because they bought the company that originally made them…

I’m skeptical… if you haven’t noticed. Lol.

But, it was the same with Huawei consumer electronics a few years back. Now they’re the best when it comes to Android devices.


Naa… not for me. I’d just settle for an iPad or summink. You can do all that multitasking stuff on those.

So you’re streaming Netflix while streaming scenery to a highly detailed simulator on a phone with two screens? That’s asking for problems…

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The chipset is okay but ZTE…

Maybe Samsung reaches a new level with the S9.

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Personally I doubt there is anything better than the small version of the iPad Pro. I use my iPhone 8 which is too small to be honest but it got the a11 bionic chip which is a monster.

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I have an iPhone X and the latest 10.5” iPad Pro, and I have to say that I’d much rather have 2 devices than having one device and have 2 screens. Having two screens also means that the power must be divided between them, resulting in a lower battery life and degraded performance. I honestly don’t think this kind of device will go far, much rather have a bending screen which is much cooler than just having two screens. Either way, if a community member got the device, I’d be happy to hear their review and see if this is really a device worth investing your money in.

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