This is so true.... :)


Sorry for the bad quality! But this is always so true for me… I am always watching what’s happening to the flaps, slats, ailerons, spoilers, strobe lights, nav & logo…

What about you? :)


I always talk to ATC and my copilot in my head. And ecerything else you said in your post :D

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The bottom one is me all the time!

Higher quality for you ;)


To be honest I’d expect the passenger to be thinking:

Holy crap it feels like we’re going down quicker than possible so scared now because I’m too insecure to have confidence in a very well trained crew on a safe aircraft. The plane is going to crash I keep hearing thumping and whirring sounds this is not ok because I fly on a plane every week and I know everything about them. This landing is so bumpy I can feel every turn and adjustment the pilot makes since I expect all planes to be perfectly smooth regardless of weather or aircraft type. My god the engines are so loud that they are making my ears bleed I must complain to the airline about this. The flight attendent won’t let me go to the bathroom? Time to write an angry rant aboht how horrible the airline is and how I will never fly them again on my influential blog. The legroom and seat width on this plane is so tiny that I can’t fit my wide ass in because I’m excessively obese and didn’t bother to take in account my height to purchase a premium economy seat. This Airbus 747-600 is a horrible airplane and I will also proclaim my hate for the aircraft online. I wish that airlines charged only $20 for airline tickets because I don’t think I ahould have to pay for the crew members’ miniscule salaries, their lodgings in the destination city, the fuel it took to get me here, the maintenance costs put into the plane to make it safe for me to fly on, and the drinks and snacks I get for a very cheap price.

Rant over


Hahahah 😂

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@Aernout Do you confirm that? Ha ha :P

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Thanks Tom for this better quality photo :)
I appreciate!


Agree with you. 100%

I know. This can’t be more true!

Seems legit

So true…

Exactly what my sister does! (I do the bottom pic)!

Really true