This is really the best simulator of all time

No other simulator has lasted this long and successfully supported their community. No other developer has created a game on this scale, who would have ever thought the entire world would be made? No other simulator has had working servers and multiplayer. And with the addition of joystick support it will become super realistic. This is truly an amazing piece of work and I really think this is the greatest simulator of all time.


I totally agree with you. Let’s give the developers a huge round of applause!!!👏👏👏


This is 100% correct! Ever since I found this simulator on the App Store, if I’m not playing it I’m thinking about playing it! Amazing work FDS team


Totally just like me!


This is true for a mobile sim. Just imagine if it was on PC


In my personal opinion, I would be more than happy to possibly see it on the Xbox one. I always search the Xbox for a good flight sim but there are 0. and I think if they put this on gaming consoles that anyone and everyone that saw a flight sim like infinite flight on the store front they would purchase it.


It’s hard to choose. I don’t know if Infinite Flight really is the best…
I really like Infinite Flight but I like Infinite Flight even more. Infinite Flight and Infinite Flight are also great. But the more I think of it Infinite Flight is the clear winner:-)


Best mobile sim for sure.


Best mobile yes, but if you bring PC into it, vatsim and x plane 11 dominate.

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AF2 still beats on terrain graphics until Global is released. But IF plane physics are still unmatched.

Don’t deny it because it’s true.

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Love to see these posts, you do know joystick support is currently available, right :)

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AF2’s UI makes me wanna smash my phone and burn it

I don’t love the UI, but it’s current scenery does make for good vistas. And it does have working instruments. Global will be a game changer.

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i agree 100% with you, sir

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