This is Not KLAX @ KSFO

Welcome to SFO

Where my image quality can be nothing but trash

Yes, a spotting topic that ISN’T in Los Angeles.

Shocking 👁👄👁

Whilst hanging out with some friends in NorCal, I decided to go to Frisco where I can spot planes

okay les go

Let’s start off with this A321

cul a220 (@zhopkins wanted me to tag him)

777 waits for 737 to land

cool evo blue livree

I waited for this a330

and finally

a southwest max (@zhopkins wanted me to tag him and @ktj_mitchell)

I am aware of the trash quality


don’t worry, it’s just typical SFO spotting conditions


Imagine Discourse totally ruining the quality smh

Great job! I’m sure @Kamryn can give you some more advise, though 😉


welp, there’s the advice 😂 SFO is a pretty tough place, @GlobalFlyer1 has a few great spots. The main enemy is heat haze due to the long distances.



nice shots

Great pictures

(Also tag me when you see Cathay pls)

Do you have any advice for spots at FLL 👀


haha yes

yeah lol smh.

it is

why thank you


i may never come back to sfo


Less go boiiis.
Heat haze strikes again. That Max8 looks so small.

max 7: allow me to introduce myself

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This tends to happen when your main runways are over water 🥲

Cool shots though!

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Thanks very much!

Gotta say, I’m digging the blue United livery on that 787

i agree very

What mm zoom lens do u use

200mm + digital zom

What is this nonsense I am reading.

SFO is the BEST, good photos.

Also @Rolls why wasn’t I @ smh.

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oopsies lol

Looks like a better zoom would help you.

@anon2996007 Look at this A220 ! 🔥