This is not downwind

You may find this surprising, but this happened 3 times in the past 7 days so I decided to make a post. Please look at the screenshot below and note the aircraft with the covered call sign. No he is not departing, he was inbound for landing and was supposed to be on the right downwind - that’s not downwind - that’s interfering with the inbound traffic. Please make sure you observe lateral separation and do not interfere with the traffic on final, otherwise you’ll get a forced vacation spoiler[/spoiler]. Needless to say this guy got his.

And while on the downwind note, if you are not sure what’s right/left downwind, please look at several tutorials here in the forum, don’t make assumptions! Every day I run into someone that doesn’t know what right/left downwind is.


good post! its a shame that you have to make it though!

As a hint to other pilots, always have a look at your map before you start your descent as you might be able to see a pattern of inbound traffic at your destination which Centre, Approach or even tower have successfully arranged. If you see this then adjust your flight plan so as to join and follow the traffic, this will help you and also the ATC guys’n’gals!


ive also had some issues with pilots not knowing what a right/left downwind is.

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Thanks for this post @MannyG , was thinking of writing the post myself! This kind of behaviour is very annoying. The pilots should know they’re ruining someone else’s experience on ES by doing this.

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I Remember when i was grade 2 and i used to do this lol

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