This is just weird... Shaking off plane

Sorry I have no photos but when I land ANY plane or while I am flying it it is shaking like holy hell I was wondering why this is as in real life it doesn’t shake but btw it doesn’t affect angle speed ect. Just looks quirky anyone know what this is? Also sorry if this is a dupe I did search for it

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Here is your answer, as you have been here for a couple months, remember to use the search function in the top right.


@anon91505560 Hi buddy.
The only thing I can think off is the Shuddering bug as hitch is listed above. As for that movement in the Air, it seems turbulence may be the factor. But if it isn’t and it’s possibly a new bug, I’d recommend trying to record the bug when it happens (video), all the best.

Nope this was advanced I was just parked up after a 30 min flight and the plane was shaking

That’s called the floating point bug. Known issue


If you were sliding while “taxing to parking” then @Pilot8 has answered you

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A plane shakes when your going to fast with little to no weight added to the regular plane weight.It happens with mostly every passenger plane (Mainly with a B737-700) on this game except props and jets.

This is a very well known issue.