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Check this out - it’s a link to an article to do with a “side wind” landing of an Emirates A380 at Dusseldorf International. However, the way in which the article is entitled, with “takes hold”, for example, implying that the aircraft was out of control, along with how it is written… Kinda makes one feel like the author is trying to turn the reader away from the safest form of travel in the world.

See what you think. Maybe I’m being a little bit harsh, considering the author proceeds to complement the spectacular landing.

The “853 passengers” bit is beautiful - Emirates’ highest capacity A380 is a 2-class, 615 seater!

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A A380 is not a Hot Air Balloon…


I’d say this is a super dumb article. That may be one of the better crosswind landings I’ve seen. I don’t know the wind speed (would have been nice if they had that) but if it can give an A380 that sort of a cross, it must have been substantial. Also from the very first sentence they are already BS, they clearly just googled how many people can’t an a380 hold, and put the biggest possible number in there. They say the 853 passengers of the flight, that’s in an all economy config, and I’m pretty sure everyone here knows Emirates is not famous for only having economy…

If they say that A380 is out of control, they should have a look at this:

It was at Düsseldorf last year.

Okay you got me there…

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Just remember that most Journalists have none or very little interest in aviation or technical subjects but are writing articles just to sell newspapers.

‘Pilot has a tough cross wind landing but did his job as trained’ is not very exciting or going to sell anything.

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