This is interesting

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So I was doing a little fly around in Southern California when a Boeing 717 was in front of me. Now obviously curiosity kills the cat and I went in one of my camera views and went inside the aircraft and saw this. So my question is why can’t infinite flight do this in each aircraft with camera views

Because it is a secret.

Haha very funny

If you like that you should check out the cabin lighting inside the CCX. Of course you will need to be in night mode.

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Wow! Cabin View… Bet little animated people/Pax’s are leaking out there in the fertile minds of the 10%. Next. Max Sends

Interesting enough there is overhead bins and the exit door

Everything the developer’s do is with a long term vision in mind. Many of these, and other hidden features, are building blocks for something that will be added in the future when the hardware can power it.


Absolutely well said