This is how Queen travels

A JetMagic Boeing 757 picked up the rock band Queen from Tampere.

The 757 Arriving from Milan

On the stand. Although I didn’t catch the band boarding the plane, I saw Brian May outside the terminal building.

Surprisingly it was raining in Finland once again. It meant though, that the take-off was going to look spectacular.

It’s true that the 757 is a rocket. I’ve seen no other planes this size airborne at this point.

The 757 was very loud. The new A220’s make absolutely no sound compared to this beast.


Yep, those engines are very loud. Great Photos!


And these engines are very powerful

I thought you were talking about the queen, not queen lol


Wait until you hear a 787 😉😉😉

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Nice capture

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Is it quieter than A350?

Yes much quieter

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