This is getting annoying

I am controlling at KDFW and people don’t want to taxi to 31L departing runway it’s simple just cross two runways and get there but people like to taxi at 30kts and takeoff with a bad runway 50 degree difference at 36R.


Well, at busy airports like that. You can sometimes get people to not listen to your instructions. But I just move on


Hi mate,

I completely understand your frustration. Good news is that I believe you are In the process of joining IFATC so you are so close to controlling on the expert server!

Keep doing what you’re doing and you will be great!


Since this is on TS there isn’t much you can do
I recommend joining IFATC

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Assuming this was on training server. You’ve made several topics over this. As stated previously:

Not much we can do. I’d suggest opening at a smaller airport for your tracking thread, preferably with parallel runways. This way there won’t be any unwanted visitors and people from your tracking thread (and you) won’t have to worry about misbehaving pilots.


I am in the process.

That’s TS for ya’, no authority, nobody follows instructions. Can’t do anything about it.


Departing runways should be 31L and 36R 35L Landing runways 36L 35C 35R and 31R.

Adding to @Drummer I would recommend you to control only in uncrowned airports and annouce it on your Tracking Thread

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When you join IFATC, you’ll be able to utilize the ATIS frequency which allows you to enter the departing and arrival runways.

Just remember that IFATC requires you to use all available runways during heavy traffic.


Unfortunately, the training server is like a classroom full of toddlers. No one listens or cares.

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Just going to throw in there that cooperation is a two way street. Consider that there may be a reason they want to depart there, and perhaps try to accommodate that instead of fighting it. Gate location, aircraft type/weight, departure/arrival direction can all have an aircraft prefer one runway over another even if winds are sum what less favorable. Now I’m not saying that everyone who does this has a good reason, but if it’s not too much of a problem to your flow perhaps just let them, it will probably be a whole lot less annoying than fighting it.

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But I have seen 777-300-200-ERS takeoff on 31L.

If there is a runway closer that can accommodate the traffic size I would recommend using that. It is simply easier to have aircraft depart on the closer runways and landings on the outer runways. It just speeds the process up which is necessary when you get heavy work loads.

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But my IFATC trainer friend said the best thing is to have the aircraft takeoff with the best wind direction runway 36R is only meant to be used with heavy traffic.

Not in use at the moment :)

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I mean 31L.

31L is a departures runway only.

Not true at all. All heavies try use 31L for departures if they can.

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So what do I use then?

31L for westbound departures, 36R for westbound as well, however, 31L seems to be the more favorable runway. 35R for eastbound.

Try to have most arrivals on the 35C and 35L runways. 18R/36L is closed so only a handful of arrivals are landing 36R.

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