This is far fetched but what if their was a ground crew role added?

Of course this feature should only be on expert server made for only people like IFATC but wouldn’t it be cool if there was a way you can say something like: “This is United 386 Heavy requesting 100,000 pounds of fuel.” And then for the pushback part pilots would say: “This is United 386 Heavy ready for pushback tail to the west.” And the IFATC would control the pushback and say: “Please release your parking break.” Basically having a ground crew on expert server and if there is no ground crew available at the time we can just pushback ourselves and fuel ourselves using the designated buttons we have currently, I don’t expect this to be added but it’s a cool idea!

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With this, I like the ground crew aspect, but IFATC already have a ton on their plate when controlling, especially at busy airports. I just don’t see it happening being controlled by IFATC

Maybe add a subsidiary to IFATC called IFGC?

See attached feature request:

Oh I see! Thanks for letting me know of this post!

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