This is expert server quality?

Today I decided to do a hop in a monarch 757-200 from EGNX To LTAI. When i am cruising at 30,000 feet, i notice an Airbus A350-900 with the name of " I-ESPA". He is flying normally until the nosedives into Strasbourg at 633 ground speed knots. I watch him and take a screenshot.

I pray and hope to god that his APU didnt fail on him. If it did, click off in assumption. If you still want to read, go on. If his APU did not fail on him, here is a message. You are grade 4 and trolling on the expert server. I hope you know that there is a big difference from having fun and trolling. Having fun is WHEN you go on CS and spin around in a 757 or something. Trolling is WHEN you purposely go out of your way to troll on the EXPERT server for no reason. Unfortunately, IFATC was not able to catch him “memeing” around because they were in Asia.

I also put this in #general because i don’t think its that necessary to put it elsewhere. You are allowed mods, to move this topic and close it if needed.


We’ll have to wait for the NTSB report on this one to see if it was AP failure or something else… in the meantime, fly safe everyone!