This is driving me crazy...

For my upstarting VA,I’m currently making my website on Weebly on my computer,but every time I try to put pictures on the homepage,it keeps telling me it is not a JPEG,even though I checked multiple times so that they are. I NEED HELP.

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I think you should contact weebly and ask there instead of here…


If you are on a Mac then rename the file to name.jpg

If on a windows then idk cause windows suck for these things.

I’m on Windows 7… but do they really suck?

This is a forum for Infinite Flight. I realize that what you’re doing is related to Infinite Flight, this topic is not solely focus on the app. With that said, its best to reach out to Weebly as Matt Chan recommended. It might be helpful to message another VA and see if they might have a trick or two with the image formatting.

Tip: Sometimes it could be the size of the image limiting you in what you’re able to upload.