This is dedicated to Capt. Jenn Casey

As you may have heard, recently we lost a fellow aviator named Capt. Jenn Casey from the 431ADS Snowbirds Display Team. This tragedy has impacted the airshow community far and wide, the entire community is here supporting her family and are grieving alongside them. Our thoughts go out to the loved ones of Capt. Richard MacDougall as well, we are praying for a smooth and full recovery from his injuries.

This image was taken by my good friend, fellow airshow enthusiast @PilotMatt, of myself drawing a Snowbirds CT-114 Tutor jet surrounded by a loving heart.

Doing this was not an easy task… but we would all do it a million times more…

P H O T O - I N F O

First two images show the flight plan and the aftermath of the flight. The first photo, the full artwork was captured by @PilotMatt, this showcases the flight path that was flown.

The second image was captured by me while I was tracing the loving heart around the Tutor.

The third and final image captures the aircraft I used for today’s flight, the Airbus A318ACJ Livery 4. The closest thing I could think of, and the most appropriate for the task.

F L I G H T - D A T A

MAY / 18 / 2020

MACH.65 - .80

FL 280-29.5



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I personally can only do so much due to the current global situation, I would do lots more… specially when it comes to the loss of someone within this community. This is dedicated to her, her career, her family and above all… her sacrifice.

Rest in Peace


Ooo nice heart with the plane. And great back story

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That’s beautiful! Rest easy Captain.


I saw you guys flying this morning! RIP

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Was devastated when we heard about the crash, and even more when we heard about Jenn! Awesome job to @DeltaMD88Fan aswell for taking the time and effort to create this masterpiece to pay tribute and celebrate what Jenn loved to do the most! Also sending thoughts and prayers to Capt. Richard MacDougall and his family, for a quick and smooth full recovery! RIP Capt. Jenn Casey, Gone but never forgotten!🙏


Why does the last one looks so real?


Guess someone hasn’t seen my photo threads before 😂


Wow this is amazing. Massive respect to you ❤️

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Beautiful pictures. Respect. Rest easy, Capt Jenn. 👍

Very Nice photo! The snowbirds are very cool and come and practice at my home airport in the summer! It’s very sad to see that one will no longer becoming.


Beautiful sky art and thank you so much for sharing this @DeltaMD88Fan. May he rest in peace. ✌️

Really sad that how a positive thing to keep motivating Canadians under the challenging. This is a certainly out of the blue. My condolences go to the family and friends of Capt. Jenn Casey. I am truly sadden by this.

We will remember

I appreciate that my reply gets no likes


Thats a great idea @DeltaMD88Fan! 👍🏻

It’s really unfortunate to hear this, it’s truly a terrible tragedy. My best wishes go to the families of Jenn Casey and Richard MacDougall, and I wish for a full recover for him.

Also, good job in your flight, @PilotMatt and @DeltaMD88Fan!


Very nice!

Very nice job

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this tragedy, least we forget

Fly High & RIP, Jenn Casey 💗 🕊

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