This is an active airport, doesn’t appear to be on IF global.

Not sure where this goes, but every single time I fly over Long Island I encounter this airport that is not on IF but active in real life. I know this because it was active from the impractical jokers episode where Murr had to skydive. Picture taken from DAL (ob. SkyWest) 5229 LGA-MVY

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That’s because the IF Airport Editing Team hasn’t added the airport to the sim yet. Feel free to join them here: Infinite Flight Airport Editing

Important to note that the team doesn’t take requests.


Hi there!

Unfortunately that airport hasn’t been added to IF yet. But you can help out the airport editing team by making it!

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If the airport don’t have an icao (which this one dosent seem to have) we can’t add it to the game, if you can give me the exact location, I may be able to find it and report to higher staff

Is it possible to provide an ICAO?

Edit: the icao can’t be found on Flightradar24, as seen in the picture under

Apon closer inspection, the ICAO cannot be displayed. This is a closed airport.

Notice how both the runways don’t have any markings, and clear 'X’s all over it.

I believe the ICAO was KCTO

This airport held the reconstruction of TWA flight 800.

TWA Flight 800 was the famous flight, where a 747 took off from KJFK, after 1w minutes into the flight, the cargo hold exploded, causing all control to be lost, crashing the aircraft into the Atlantic Ocean.


Repeating ourselves. Doesn’t make sense hehe

But yes, this airport looks closed as shown by others

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@Balloonchaser wanted to do this one! No ICAO though.


Look at my post above, the same with @Balloonchaser if he visits this post.

No. I was fighting to keep it open though… We came to the conclusion that it was to be removed


I was first to ask…

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Also given that there are “X’s” on the runways I’d say it’s closed. The Wikipedia page about it doesn’t mention it, but it has no active clients, and has been used for things like storing thousands of disabled cars after Hurricane Sandy, so eaven if it is active in some small way it is certainly in disrepair best I can find…

@Jens_Severin here is your ICAO for it

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There are many other airports that aren’t in the sim yet

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Oh 3C8 🤔. I guessed KCTO…

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