This is a message to all IFATC controllers

Good afternoon,
First of all I am making a separate topic about this because I have noticed that awareness of all IFATC Controllers has gone down drastically.

So just now, I was doing a flight from TNCM to TFFJ. I did some patterns at TFFJ before starting my return back to TNCM. The Approach and Departure ATC was @Trio.
He has vectored me to turn to a specific heading and to contact departure. All instructions were followed, and I got ghosted.
He ghosted me for the following reason below, when I was not following my flight path, but following every instruction from ATC.
I have just PM’d him about this issue, and am waiting for an answer.

So you must be thinking, why did I make a separate topic? As I said before, I feel that the overall quality and awareness of IFATC Controllers has gone down, and lowers the overall experience of flying on expert servers.

Now this message goes to all ATC in IF,
When controlling, please be more aware of other incoming traffic rather than just focusing on aircraft that are bigger, and have came earlier. Ghosting a pilot for no reason is pathetic, and proves the fact that you are not aware of the surrounding traffic. Next time, I would like to ask all Controllers to be a bit more careful when controlling, to decrease the chances of this problem happening again.

I, was a grade 4 pilot and know all the necessary requirements when flying on expert servers. I know very well that ATC instructions need to be followed, and am just asking to be a bit more careful.

Thank you.


Would it not be be better to wait to hear his reply before a public bashing?


I have noticed this too, in the Decathlon.


No, because this goes for all IFATC Controllers. Because I’ve seen several people get ghosted for no reason at all. I’m not publicly bashing, but am enforcing a problem that has seen an increase in happening again. An accident is an accident, I’m just saying that Controllers should be a bit more aware.


There’s most likely always a reason…

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Is this based on facts or just the regular “Ghosted for no reason!!”-topics?


I doubt there’s one for this ghosting. If you take a look at the screenshots you will understand that I was clearly not suppose to be ghosted.

Maybe you were aware of ATC instructions but not aware of surrounding traffic?

Yo c’mon at least wait for a response b4 bashing @Trio in public


No, actual facts. I have seen this problem happen in front of my eyes. Not to me, but to others.

So based on this you are getting mad at all IFATC? We all are properly trained and are held to high standards. In this case Trio probably has a reason and none of the IFATC ghost for no reason.


If you are properly trained this wouldn’t be happening. I’m not publicly shaming or saying anything bad about the IFATC, I’m just saying that Controllers should be a bit more aware.

@anon24319801 I have seen the same someone did exactly what the controller said and got ghosted

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And do you know the end result of that ghosting?

Here’s some actual facts:

If one get ghosted for “no reason”, the report is reversed and some kind of action is taken towards the controller.


Isn’t that what I’m doing??

BravoCharlie we are all trained and follow guidelines for ghosting. Although it may not seem like it, there is always a reason to be ghosted. That’s why ghosted people PM their controller to know what they got ghosted for. Wait for Trio’s reply.


I am. I’m just telling every IFATC that even though you might have not had this problem before, you should just be a bit more aware of surrounding traffic and whether or not they are following your instruction. That’s all.

Fortunately, every single IFATC is continuously monitored and actions are taken if they’re not up to standards. So you don’t need to tell anyone anything :)


Well actually, I can. And I will. If IFATC are monitored closely, why has this issue happened before and is still happening?

You were probably ghosted for a reason, together with all the others that were ghosted for “no reason”. But that’s to be determined via the PM you have with the controller :)