This is a career.

I’m sick I was in the hospital … I was 4 weeks without being able to use my IF.
Last flight I stayed at RJTT.
My computer broke.
Until returning from the hospital and repairing my computer I stayed in the RJTT after repairing it was not good.
3 flights and many flaws in the system, I refuse to go to any other airport that is not flying.
With much patience I analyzed my computer my IF my emulator and yesterday I took RJTT to LFPG again is the 4th attempt.
Today I arrived at LFPG my house, now everything is fine I will return to fly and continue the career mode. In other words, if in real life bad things happen and you end up flying here would not do otherwise.
The annoying is the points I was grade 5 now I’m 4 again. And I’m far below and as I’m still sick I’ll be a little bit late.


Remember man, IF is a simulator, and yes i know you worked hard for grade 5 and it sucks you lost it, but you feel better you can always grind the landings out and get grade 5 back.:)


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