This idea is very creative!

Hello everyone…
Thank you to the developers especially the 3D airport volunteers for their hard work for this 22.3 update. Here I will discuss the most creative default 3D airport model, namely Davao City International airport RPMD.

I have never seen the process of making a 3D airport for Infinite Flight before. I think the apps for making 3D airports at this time can’t make inclined or curved planes like roofs, but here I see he @jaypzs is very creative, he uses components from solar panels to be used as roofs, below is a comparison of images in IF and in real world

I find this idea very creative and very satisfying… very amazing…, I hope for other volunteers if possible to make 3D airports with tropical architectural forms can use these components to make roofs or apps developers can add special roof tools.

great job mate


This isn’t default. Everything that you see here has been hand made and drawn out. I must agree @jaypzs did a good airport


Im happy to excercise my profession while fulfilling my childhood dream on aviation here on IF, is a priveledge. Your appreciation means a lot, Terima Kasih @Darmawan :)


Here what I mean by default are control towers(not custom), fuel tanks, jetbridges, ground service vehicles, solar panels, etc…, and yes I know they are all hand made, to make a building plane they draw it horizontally in 2D with free form not always rectangle, and they pull out vertically to create a 3D shape and this is where the vertical shape is still limited, that’s why making a triangular or curved roof still can’t (that’s my guess on this 3D airport apps, sorry if I’m wrong)

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