This has to stop!

Before I’m going to start this topic, sorry about my bad English.

About 10 minutes ago, a player started to ‘spam’ messages to me because I ignored his clearence for take-off. He was standing in the middle of the runway at San Clamente. Normally I ignore this, but there were so many people waiting to take-off and this happens to often, so that’s why I started this topic.

We need a better grading or reporting system because I hate to fly with people who don’t respect the rules. I know you guys thinking: " why don’t you just fly at the advanced server ". Well because I like to serve as an atc and help people. Infinite flight is a simulator, not an place for people that would like to troll and break the rules. Yeah sure they can do that, but on the free flight server. And now, there trolling on the atc server to.

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I assume this was on Playground. Advanced tends to be more professional. Climb the ranks until you get grade 3 and join Advanced.

I really hate that.

He was ATC.

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Didn’t notice until now.

Yeah I have grade 3, but Its just I like to serve as an atc and help people. But these trollers are so frustrating :(

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I know, but you should join the IFATC!

Hmm, maybe I should do that, thanks :)