This has gone way too far

Just about 2 years ago on April 20 2017 a passenger was caught on live CCTV pushing and shoving the pilot of an American Airlines flight the pilot was confronted aggressively by the offender and even tried to photo the pilots ID and the pilot threw the offenders phone out of his own hand then the offender tried to get a photo of the pilots ID

I think that this is rude and selfish that pilots and cabin staff and airlines do all they can and they get abused heavily by passengers like this to explain more please watch this video

What do you think can be done to stop this type of offence happening again conment below

  1. A year ago would’ve been 2018
  2. There’s no way to stop people who are crazy/disrespectful or overly aggressive and confrontational.

Harsh penalties like aggravated assault and other charges and fines. The pilot may deal with flying over 800 people per day. He doesn’t need extra stress.

Man, security’s on top of things. All he needs is a bucket of popcorn.


I once attended a vehicle collision where the driver at fault was a private pilot… he ran a red light and crashed into a taxi, which CCTV confirmed to us, so I told him “sir these red lights aren’t here for your entertainment, you need to watch them” to which he replied “son, I’m a pilot, I think I know how to handle any vehicle”

I didn’t know what to say after looking at his car, then the taxis car, then him just to watch his face realise what he just said 😂


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