This has been happening to me a lot lately…




Based off my understanding of the meme it seems that ATC goes offline when you are arriving. If that’s the case I’ll have you know that ATC can get on and off whenever they want and unfortunately there isn’t much that can be done about that

Use IFATC Info - ATC Status to plan short haul flights, you can see how long ATC has been active and use the 60 minute rule to your advantage.

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60 min for Bravos. 30 min for Charlie. :)


True, but when’s the last time you saw an IFATC open a Charlie?

Chicago Midway was open until precisely 28 minutes ago.

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I’ll eat those specific words but the point stands.



Adding on what others have mentioned above, it’s important to note that IFATC controllers are volunteers and therefore are welcome to open when and wherever they would like. The featured airports for the day acting merely as a suggestion for the IFATC team and to provide pilots with a list of featured airports that have a higher chance of having ATC services on arrival or departure.

It’s also important to note that as long as the controller has staffed the frequency for the minimum time (1 hour for Bravo and 30 minutes for Charlie) then they are welcome to close at anytime. They should provide a broadcast command to their frequencies to inform pilots that they plan on closing in five minutes.


Event World tour, last week, I was one of those who opened 😏

I will check liveflight to see the traffic, and as soon as i descend to that airport its either a ghost town or ATC is just about to leave XD

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I just wanted to mention. Some of the ATC are opening frequencies per day to get their place on the ATC ladder. EIDW is a Charlie which is commonly used.

Happened to me as well, so i usually end up departing the controlled airport

This method of mine breaks though when i fly from a controlled airport to another controlled airport

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