This happend to me too much and I’m fed up with it

Every time I’m on 2 mile final, my game crashes. I don’t why it’s happening but in fed up with it.

My device is IPad Air (3rd Generation).

3rd gen is the most recent version right?

I am not sure about that.

5th would be the most recent.

@ItsablacklineYT, Might I ask on what graphics settings you’re running and whether anti-aliasing is checked on or off?

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Let me check.

Also, would these approaches where crashes occur be into 3D airports?

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okay. Well I had the same problem, and what i’ve done to fix it is closing all other apps while using the sim, and before loading in, shut down your ipad for 15-30 mins just to let it rest.

This only happens to me for 3D airports

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you can turn down the 3d object density, all the objects will only appear when you are close to them, which is only when you are looking at them


Well, step one would be to turn down some rendering / graphical settings. The iPad Air Gen 3 should run decently on Medium settings.

I own an iPad Air 4 and with the most recent 3D building updates, I’ve also struggled with flying at high texture settings.

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They have a 3rd gen iPad Air. Also I have an iPad Air 4th gen and I run everything on high with anti-aliasing and it runs amazing

Ight I’ll try that

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awesome, glad I could help


Shall I close the topic?

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If your question has been answered then yeah

Alrighty then

I could suggest you do a quick flight into an airport with 3D buildings and see if you encounter the same crash.

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This topic can now be closed

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