This guy

**Delta 382****Delta 382 **please let me know if you know him because I was controlling KLax Approach like 3 minutes ago and this delta 382 joined my frequency asked for flight following to San Francisco asked for a higher altitude which sounds normal but I notice he left and joined my frequency then I said flight following apportioned or whatever it is and than to contact San Francisco Unicom and when he kept on joining back in guessing since he is so far he can’t so I just say frequency changed approved and he does the same sais he leaves my frequency which he does than joines back does the same thing which is flight following to San fransisco and especially when a lot of people are asking something else at once and I tried to our report user and it says something like controller rating too low for user

This was on training

I can almost guarantee you that you won’t find this guy off of a callsign. Also unfortunately if it was on Training that means that this guy probaly still doesnt know the ropes yet. Many pilots are training for the sim on TS1 so they can one day head up to Expert. So as a controller the best thing you can do is just roll through it and pay attention to the proffesional pilots that are in your airspace and get better by using them as practice before you one day reach your goal of heading up to IFATC if that is what you want to do.


Ok thanks guys @Trevor_A and @Yofueinao thanks I owe you for taking time and helping me the best you can


Yeah this is training server so things like this happen but it can be annoying for sure.

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