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In light of recent events, we want to remind members a few basic rules:

  • Always be friendly and kind in your comments.
  • If someone isn’t, ignore and flag.
  • Remember that our audience is international; some jokes simply do not translate well to other cultures. If in doubt, refrain from posting.

We will not tolerate members who are disrespectful on here. No excuses, we all have bad days.


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Yes totally but like I have said in previous post I think an age limit could solve a lot of the immaturity!


They can always fake their age though but good idea!

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Thank you so much we come to discuss aviation and relax with like minded people. That one made my head hurt

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Agreed! The limit would prevent some possible good posters from the forum but even if they are well versed, they still could act immature

Yes I did already suggest it to Mr Israel he thought it might irritate a lot of users and I can see his view on the matter so I respectfully didn’t go any further with the topic! But yes it would filter a lot of the immaturity!

I am writing this comment and thinking it should be in features but it’s for the forum so I’m fine!

Although you could argue that the parents should act on their children’s usage of their home computers or iPads! This is quite a sticky topic but I fear I could be fighting a losing battle! Let’s just leave it and deal with immaturity as it comes to us!

Don’t think that would work. I know kids who are very mature, well at least mature-er thank Nickdubest.

Shut the front door!

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I think you may be getting ahead of your self there Leigh…

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Yeah…one can dream
I guess all we can do is wait and see what the future beholds.

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