This doesn’t look right… MD11 Glitch

I was going to fly the MD-11 for American Airlines, but this happened, and my eyes hurt.

Device: iPhone XR
Graphics: Everything high except rendering resolution
iOS: 2nd Latest

Hello, usually when I clear the cache and restart the app it fixes itself. Have you tried that?

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Many times.

This has nothing to do with the livery being rendered as such.

Devil’s in the detail. How shiny it is depends on the rendering resolution. Once you change that to high, the livery should look chrome.


Does it go away when you try to lower the graphics?

That did the trick, my eyes no longer hurt now! Thanks for the tip!

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It’s slightly odd though, given when I tried it on all graphics high with the exception of RR, I still had the chrome effect, albeit “blurry”. So I’m not seeing what the OP is.

22.1.1 (1528)
iPadOS 15.3.1

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That also occurs with me, it just has some sort of distortion when the RR is on high, where the shiny stuff should be

I can only assume that this is a side effect of the changes made to the graphics pipeline. Don’t take my word for it though, I think it’s best to seek clarification from a member of staff.

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I’ve reproduced it. It’s not rendering resolution, rather rendering quality. Either way, the graphics pipeline changes is of course possible, and if a staff member would like to step in that’d be awesome!

Goes away simply by increasing to RQ to med or high


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