This doesn’t add up!

We are all excited about the A330 rework update but that got me wondering? How close was the race between the A220 and the A330, I did the math and something ain’t right.

There was 5,592 total votes and the poll machine ruled it a 50/50 so that would be 2,796 each.

But Infinite flight said that the A220 got 729 and the A330 got 1,099 so it’s 50/50 but it’s a difference of 370?

I gave them the benefit of the doubt and trusted them, but I did the math and here’s what I got

5592 divided by 2 is 2,796 - 729 (A220) - 1,099 (A330) = 968 so why is there 968 left shouldn’t it be 0?

Let’s try adding instead:
729 (A220) + 1,099 (A330) = 1,828 but it’s supposed to be 2,796 to be 50% of the 5,592 total votes. So we are missing 968 again because 2,796-1,828 = 968

So did infinite flight leave 968 votes out? Please explain! I have no hate against Infinite flight I just want to know what happened here!

We can’t “fake” the polls if that what you’re asking, and are not leaving anything out.


Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 12.34.41 AM

What do you mean? (That adds up)


What you’re saying is very confusing

I know you can’t fake polls that was explained by Jason, I’m referring to this picture

That’s from the first poll, not second…


Oops! My bad homies! I feel embarrassed haha, sorry guys this can be closed 😂😅


Confusion cleared :)