This Day, One Year ago.

1 Year ago, I joined IF Community.
I just want to say a few things.
Firstly, thank you to all the amazing mods for making this Community one of the best one I know!
I joined this community 1 year ago because I wanted to know what new features are going to be in IF for the next update.
Another thing why I joined the community is because I’m a big aviation fan and I’m sure most of us here are, and none of my real life friends were interested in planes and that’s why this community is special. I’m happy to be a part of it.
Thank you!


Eh. Thanks for being here mate. It’s people like you who make the forum what it is today. Cheers and happy anniversary


Thank you very much!


It has been great having you here!


Thanks for your presence and participation in the last one year. It’s awesome to see your presence here in contributing to our forums and make it even better ❤😆

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Tell me about it. When I ask my friends eagerly how their flight was and what their plane was, they go
"Eh. It was boring. I don’t know."
The least they could do is pretend to like planes XD
I mean, travel is revolutionized with them. And come on, you’re like 30k feet in the sky. Isn’t that a…little…cool…? No? Well that’s why I joined this forum.


Glad to see you thriving in the Forums. Hope for another 365👍

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