This Day in Aviation History: U.S Airways Merges with American Airlines

On this Day in Aviation History,

U.S. Airways merged into American Airlines.

According to WIkipedia, it was on the 16th of October, 2015, when U.S Airways made it’s last flight, under the Cactus Callsign. U.S Airways Flight 1939, left San Francisco (KSFO), heading to Philadelphia (KPHL). The Flight Departed at 10:00 P.M. Pacific Time, and Landed at 5:50 A.M Eastern Time, where the Airline would already be operating under the American Airlines name.

Read more about Today In History today.–%20The%20US%20Airways%20name,10%20p.m.%20PT%20Friday%20evening.

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And the flight didn’t even stop in Pittsburgh… 😠



Sorry about that, everyone here in Pittsburgh was very annoyed when they flew right over without stopping, great post, I forgot it was this time of year…

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AA should’ve merged in US air


Now that would have been cool.

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Many then the memorial flight would have flown to PIT…

Sorry if a Salty, 😂

How could you US Air! Leave us out of your last day! Come on…


And CLT changed to AA from US air. All the US air liveries, so cool.

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I wish the deal never happened. Although I never went on US Airways, I loved them as an airline.

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I was pretty shocked US Airways didn’t make a stop at @KPIT. Pittsburgh was one of their biggest hubs before they moved it all to Philadelphia. They still had some sort of operation there in PIT though.

I was upset that US Airways went away. Another airline gone in the history books


They were also Founded here…

Sorry, this is definitely top 10 aviation annoyances of mine… 😂

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There is actually still a lot of legacy stuff here, one of the main AA call centers for costumer service was here till recently, and PIT is still one the main A320 family maintenance base for AA, so all there new A321 NEOs are being flown here from Hamburg for delivery, and being given final fittings and tests here…


screaming heavily intensifies

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Avgeeks when the merge was announced:


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US Airways: Merges with AA

Me: I got the rifle in my hands, grenades on my pants, gonna kick some a**, got the ammo on my baaack.

(Goes with the tune of Old Town Road)

mods please don’t ban me, it’s a joke, not hate speech

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You’re not the only one

I remember the day they announced the merged. I was like NOOOOOOOO!

I’m just glad US Airways flew to San Jose (SJC/KSJC).

I have no idea what destinations but I knew they flew to SJC :D

of course you are :rolling_eyes:

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This is their 1991 route map


Interestingly, they only had flights in California from SJC.

The recent U.S. Airways pre-merger most likely had flights to Phoenix. However, I believe the recently cut Charlotte to San Jose route was post-merger.


Yeah, Charlotte to San Jose was cut last year :(

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