This Day in Aviation History: Mad Dog and Cathay Takes Off!

GoOOd MoErNiNg GameERs

Today, i bring you 2 big things! The First flight if the MD-80 Mad Dog, and the first flight of Cathay Pacific (kinda)

  1. Mad Dog

Thursday, October 18, 1979

First flight of the McDonnell Douglas MD-80. It was a big day in aviation i assume (why wouldn’t it be?). This bird took off in flight in 1979, and look how far it brought us. Delta and a couple operators still fly them almost daily. (RIP AA Mad Dogs)

  1. Cathay (kinda)

Monday, October 18, 1948

Cathay Pacific Airways, founded in Jan1946 as Roy Farrell Export-Import Co., was registered as Cathay Pacific. This was the birth of the name Cathay Paciic, which soon turned out to be one of the best airlines worldwide.

  1. BONUS! Mitsubishi MRJ90 rolls out

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mitsubishi MRJ90 official rollout occured. Although Mitsubishi put a lot of time into this jet, it ran into issues, therefore not attracting attention to any airlines.

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Awesome love these give it a 10 for the mad dog

MD-80? This is the best day (and worst) day ever! An airline, and inaugural flights of 2 planes, wow! Great post!

PM me why it’s the worst day.

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True but it will forever live on in aviation history m

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I was wondering when someone would find the easter egg ;)

Yeah. It’s too bad thee MD-80 is leaving airlines fleets now.

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diD yoU juSt inSuLt mY Home aIrLiNe

jk that was pretty funny indeed, no idea how that happened. Nice facts!

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I found the Easter egg! 🎉

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I’m going to start putting them in all my posts now, so you better have a good eye ;)

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