This day in Aviation History: First Flight & DC3 Birthday!

It’s a cool morning in North Carolina. The wind is currently blowing 27 miles an hour, which is harder then they hoped. They expect to fly at about 30 knots. One of the two brothers who won the coin toss laid down and at 10:35 local time, Orville became the first person in history to take off to the air. Orville and Wilbur Wright had just done something that changed the world: Achieved power flight. John Daniels from the lifesaving station snapped the shutter on a preset camera, capturing the historic image of the airborne aircraft with Wilbur running alongside
(Photo by John Daniels)
Today we celebrate the 115’s anniversary of the first powered flight.

32 years later America would be introducing America’s newest aircraft. The Mighty McDonald Douglas DC-3

(My photo when I worked on DC3s)

The DC-3 turns 83 today and still is used all over the world by people! These two aircraft changed aviation history, 1 by giving us the power of flight, the other changed the airlines by revolutionized air transport in the 1930s and 1940s


Wow, it’s cool to know these 2 facts. Thanks Mark!

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Don’t forget it is my birthday as well!

Happy birthday man!

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When i seeing this aircraft, It’s always like there is a sense of war era, even though until now those aircraft are still safely flying 😉 . Love some classic & vintage airliner

I went to the Wright Brothers National Memorial down there in Nc a long time ago, very cool considering its right next to an air strip.

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Yay! Today is first flight day! Here’s to another great aviation year! Also, it’s the Douglas DC-3 not McDonnell Douglas, and it’s McDonnell Douglas not McDonald Douglas.

Very interesting. I have been in a DC3 at the American Airlines museum and they are very interesting aircraft to say the least.

Nice post, as always.

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