This Day in Aviation History: Avianca Costa Rica takes flight

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Since a lot of people liked the last one, here’s today’s Historic Day.

On October 17, 1945, LACSA Airlines was founded in a joint Project of Pan Am Airways, and the Costa Rican government. It started operations on 1 June 1946 and was designated the national carrier in 1949.

The airline previously used the TACA/LACSA moniker when it was a subsidiary of Grupo TACA. Since May 2013, following Avianca’s purchase of Grupo TACA, Avianca Costa Rica became one of seven nationally branded airlines (Avianca Ecuador, Avianca Honduras, etc.) operated by Avianca Holdings group of Latin American airlines.

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There’s today’s Blast from Aviation Past!

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hEy ThIs Is My ThInG

Lol, jokes aside. Great post, while I am silently screaming behind this L shaped screen I call a laptop. I just want to thank you for doing this every single day of your human life to post on this forum fun facts from today in aviation.

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yep. takes me a while to find them, but they’re worth it, if it makes the community happy

Yesss… Avianca is great! This subsidiary flies to DFW!

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