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It was on this day 13 years ago where US Airways Flight 1549 crashed in the Hudson River.
So I have decided to make a topic to remind you all of this amazing story.
US Airways Flight 1549 - Wikipedia US Airways Flight 1549 - Wikipedia

Flight 1549 with service to Charlotte Douglas departed from LaGuardia airport early morning on
January 15, 2009. Shortly after takeoff the aircraft suffered a bird strike causing the aircraft to land in the Hudson River. Over 100 non-fatel injuries were reported. I decided to make this topic to remind you all of the amazing Captain Sulley and his amazing effort to keep all passengers safe.

Sulley retired after 30 years in commercial aviation on March 3rd, 2010


I thought it was headed to Charlotte?

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It was heading to Charlotte then the aircraft was supposed to continue to Seattle


*service to Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Seattle was the ultimate destination for that A320, but Charlotte was the first stop before it continued onward to SEA.

The A320 that Sullenberger flew sits in what used to be the Carolinas Aviation Museum, but was recently renamed the Sullenberger Aviation Museum.


I think this was 14 years ago. Anyway I remember hearing about this event when I was super young, it was all over the news! Props to the flight crew and attendants of 1549 (and RIP U.S. Airways)

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The website I got it from said Seattle Tacoma

Man I almost forgot

In honor of this I’m gonna watch sully tonight.


That’s why I made it j feel like this topic and the event got pushed into a corner and many people forgot

Nah I’ve just been so busy I forget that cool days are coming up. Like Christmas was awesome and I was vibin in the spirit but it lowkey felt like just another order of business.

That’s what happens when you turn 18 I guess 🥲 life went 0 to 100 in a couple of months and it ain’t slowin down anytime soon.

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The flight was going direct Seattle, but it had a scheduled stop in Charlotte along the way.

It likely would’ve operated CLT-SEA as Cactus 1549 as well. It’s not uncommon for multiple flight segments to carry the same flight number.


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