This could stop people from flying outside region boundaries

Everyone is hyped up for Global Flight, right? I am, you are, we are all hyped for Global! Unfortunately some people can’t wait for the official release, so they create their own way of flying “globally”. This can be annoying for ATC, other pilots and especially for Laura. Let her test Global Flight in peace!

So, I propose that the developers implement a “temporary suspension system” into live aimed to temporarily suspend a user for flying outside the region for a set amount of time. They can be given 2 minutes to fly back to the region they had originally spawned in.

This is the list of suspension times I have come up with.

1st suspension - 6 hour ban
2nd suspension - 12 hour ban
3rd suspension - 48 hour ban
4th suspension - 1 month ban
5th suspension - Permanent ban

Please share your thoughts!


I think removing all XP is detouring enough.


I think this is enough of a consequence.


Just give the f22 missiles and give 2000xp rewards for users who shoot em down lol


I think that would be a bit to harsh on the players. The only reason they fly outside the region boundaries is to get an early taste of Global.

A temporary suspension would be the better solution.

Let marc and the devs decide about that

This is only a suggestion. Of course, it’s entirely up to the developers whether they want this system or not.

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I can just imagine… F22 VA! Shooting people outside regions since 2017!


2 days max?! If they can’t follow a simple rule they should be banned for a month at least