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I’m new here and I didn’t know there are a lot of rules here such as how to write posts right.

I’m keep confusing so I have a question for you guys…

How did you memorize the rules? Is there refer to some aviation things?

Welcome 😊

Have a look here:

You’ll get a lot of information just from this topic!


Hi, welcome to the community. The main thing is common sense. The screenshot and videos category isn’t for spotting, don’t cuss. Like that


If you read the about on categories, the FaQ, ToS

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@Marc you’ve managed to take the link right outta my phone and put it up first😂😂

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Helpful! Thx😭

Besides the fact that I have an exceptional memory… I kind if have never read through what the rules are… basically I have over time memorized through what I have heard from other users or through my mistakes, what you are allowed to do and what you’re not.

There are many things you’ll find to be common sense, while others may be a bit tricky at first to get a grip of, but once you get the hang of it, try out new things, ask people around, you should be able to remember what is what, and how to use it properly :)

I hope you’ll enjoy being here on Forum, we are all very Welcoming, most of us I think 😂 but yeah, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask 👍

Oh and, Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community (IFC) 🙌


You’re so kind 😭 Thx

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Ah, no worries, you’ll have a great time here and hopefully be able to find great friends.

Since we all like aviation in some way or form, as that’s most likely why we are here in a forum based of a simulation for flying but that also has ATC, the one thing we all gave in common is planes and radio communications, so if that isn’t a good way to start finding a similar interest with others then idk, you may find something else, a different hobby that link us all together :)

In the end, it won’t be difficult to navigate around here. If you ever have a question, simply ask it and you’ll get a storm full of answers from multiple people ❤️


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