This community so far...

This community has been so enjoyable since day one guys! With all your support and friendships, it never gets boring! I’m addicted already!
It feels like I’ve been here before I even joined lol… weird right… anyways just wanted to throw a thanks to everybody. Hope to continue my journey through IF as I really love aviation. Even if I experience ups and downs with IF, I still want to just fly and socialise with the people who also have a passion for aviation. Watching IF grow from day 1 was an emotional journey to see where IF has been taken to now.

Thanks to everyone including the @moderators and devs, I am enjoying my time here and on the sim. As I said before, it feels like I’ve been with you guys in the past lol. Maybe it’s just that I feel so comfortable here. Nice meeting you all.

Happy flying,


Good to hear your enjoying your experience :)

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I’m glad you like it here. This community really is special. :)

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Dominique Strauss Kahn is now an IF pilot 😂
(Sorry for the joke 😉)

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