This community is truly amazing! This will make you smile... (Also, who remembers KNUC?!)

Hey guys! recently I have gotten back into Infinite Flight after about a 4 year break, and man has it been amazing. The continual developmental progress the physical game has experienced is truly immense. It feels like just yesterday we were flying in indivudal regiosn like Southern California or the UK, and to think that now you can fly globally to any airport IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, that thought just blows my mind.

Alongside the game’s growth, the enormity and genuine community associated with this game is amazing. In these last few days I have learned just how widespread these disscussions on the forum have become, in addition to people making content on scoial media.

I know that I am rambling, but I truly thjank all of you (including devs) for making this game what it truly is! I hope to see you guys in the skies!

As a side note, who remembers the iconic KNUC (San Clemente Island)? Image below:

In the old days of infinite flight live, this particular airport was always bustling in Southern California. It was a very interesting experience back then! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Have an awesome rest of your day :)


Wow look at the water in the background 😍

It’s amazing to see how much this simulator has progressed. Infinite flight 4-5 years ago looks like a different app than today. Great work devs!


Good old times. KLAX-KNUC was one of the best routes!


Oh wow I remember this app…can’t believe it’s the SAME app! I didn’t have Live back then so it was all solo mode but was still so amazing.

It’s crazy to see how far we have come. In terms of everything…live cockpits, real instrument procedures, Global (of course!)…

So cool!


Oh jeez that’s nostalgic…oh how times have changed.


90% of my flights pre-global are from KLAX-KNUC, others I remember are WSSS-WMKK and KLAX - (palm springs idk the code)
thanks for the memories!


KPSP airport


The best memory about the community is


The YouTuber will guess a lot with the new release things or rework planes

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Good times! It’s amazing to see the simulator evolution from that. Just OG.

Also I remember KNUC! my mosts done flights were: LAX-KNUC, KPSK-KNUC or KSAN-KNUC. I miss all this S2

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Oh, the nostalgia. Back when the expert server was exclusive too!

I still remember when the ‘squared off’ button style was released. Before then they were grey buttons with rounded corners and blue highlights. Sadly I don’t have a photo though.


man… i wish that knuc was still as busy as it was…


Flashbacks begin

Yes for sure IF have really developed over the years and we are all happy your here!


I think this is something easy to lose sight of. Infinite Flight gives us so much in terms of producing a better and better product with each update… sometimes I think about how far the sim I downloaded 4 years ago has come in such a short time. I’m simply blown away.

Thanks for sharing this flashback with us ✈️


Factssss dude! Knuc was so lit


I never had the opportunity to fly online until after global was released, but just seeing that per-global water mad landscape brings back so many memories. So many small things that I remember from my pre-global days.

And just to think that IF has come so far since when I first started playing in 2015, it’s incredible. IF has changed so much,

Wish I could’ve seen KNUC when it was popular like it used to be.


I never got live around 2014-2015 when I joined in that time but man Infinite flight changed a lot overtime which is impressive. Congrats to them :D


Ofc dude! It’s nostalgic moments like these
That being so many people together!


True that man!

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Fax man 🤭🤣😖

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