This app keeps crashing as i’m on approach almost every single time.It’s very misleading

Anybody else have this issue? When I’m about 2000nm away from runway the app decides to crash :/

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What device are you operating? Do the airports have a lot of traffic where this occurs? Do the airports have ATC where this occurs? How long are your flights usually when this occurs? These are questions that should help narrow down the problem area for you.

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Hey Jaron welcome to the community, to avoid your app crashing you can try a series of lower rendering or graphic changes that most likely will help your device. Also, if you have anti aliasing on I would suggest to turn that off as that may help. What device are you using by the way?

You may want correct 2000nm from runway…2000ft?

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If you have an older device and your settings are high, your device might not be able to handle it. Try lowering your settings. It might work 🙂

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