This 737 is looking blue!

The best livery is Southwest, change my mind!

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I love this one!

KLM orange pride? Other then that I agree

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If we’re talking about 737 then Alaska livery of 2016 is also very good. Other than 737 the 777 Air Newzealand all backs is pretty good and ofc the KLM orange pride. If coming to the real world, the ANA star wars livery is not bad and Emirates A380 "BE PART OF THE MAGIC’’ livery looks awesome to mee

Cool picture!
But not the best livery ;)
Southwest can’t beat the KLM Orange Pride


True, but I question the Freedom One against the KLM Orange Pride. It’s going to be a biased question due to it representing a country that not everyone is from. But Swa Heart is great but great enough to beat KLM Pride

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Very true, it’s (almost fully) a matter of where everyone is from.
If someone would start a poll here, Freedom one would most certainly win due to a bigger US representation compared to the Dutch IFC members.

Nah nah, there are more clean liveries, Virgin Atlantic A330 😍

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There are plenty of liveries out there better than Southwest.

Ex: ANA Star Wars liveries, EVA Air Hello Kitty livery, American’s iconic Astrojet livery, United’s Star Wars livery, the list goes on.

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Agreed. There are better liveries then southwest.

Nice one soni

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Yeah, and they dont even have to be special liveries, just normal airline liveries like united’s blue tail livery are wayyy better than southwest’s.

I really like that picture!

I didn’t expect to see you here!